Rollin’ on 3-1/2 hours of sleep…

And I’m feeling FINE.  Not that I want to jinx anything, but it is already a pretty good day. Let’s fire off a few rounds, shall we?

  • Got the onions and pork shoulder in the crock pot this morning for pulled pork, so I have deliciousness awaiting me when I get home.
  • Pulled pork….tee hee (i’m 12)
  • A pot of coffee and two Monster drinks already. I’ll just wait for the big POP in my chest.
  • In less than a week, I will awake to her next to me, and that is the greatest feeling.
  • If you have the one you love next to you daily, don’t take it for granted.  Distance sucks.
  • Although I made a ham-and-egg sandwich, there are bagels here today, and I just found out a vendor is bringing lunch. YAY FREE FOOD!
  • Three work projects have fallen perfectly into place already, and it is barely 10am.
  • Today’s tunes are all Johnny Cash.
  • Those gifs from Great Gatsby…holy shit. I love epic scenes in movies. I’m not really a fan of Gatsby, but I want to see it purely for the grandeur of it all.
  • I’m just waiting for the shoe to drop…. It gotta happen, right?
  • That Kanye-Kobe commercial still makes me fucking laugh.
  • With all of the stupid Star Wars things that people make, how has no one come up with light saber condoms? Or like a base handle cock ring and then different colored condoms so you can be Vader one night, Luke the next?
  • I need to do a little shopping for next week.
  • For Reasons
  • The above is just to irritate Cort. LOVES YA!
  1. uless said: Damn it Dan!!!!!!
  2. flipuoff said: You could use the second line when you make jerk chicken also.
  3. notyouraverageharlot said: Could you really try to avoid the caffeine induced cardiac arrest? Thanks. Love you.
  4. funinthesunshine said: Shopping for…cock rings?